Thursday, August 26, 2010

You'll love my dusty muffins!

People. Let's talk about this muffin.

Last Saturday my parents and I went up to Detroit to go to the Farmer's Market at Eastern Market...which is where I found this delightful little bite. We sampled a brownie from one of the stalls and about five minutes later I realized I absolutely had to go back and buy one. I ended up getting the brownie, a chocolate chip cookie, and the chocolate chip muffin pictured above. The point of this wordy post about baked goods?


Seriously, if you're vegan and in/around Detroit, you have to try this place. Patisserie Ci could be the place that changes your mind if missing sweets is the only thing keeping you from going vegan. I'm not vegan, but I've tried a lot of animal free treats in the past that have fallen short. Nothing about these said "pretending." The chocolate tasted legit, the lemon cake my mom got was wonderfully moist, the brownie was fudgy. Also, despite being a specialty retailer, her prices were great!

If you're at the Eastern Market on Saturday mornings, go get some fresh baked goods from Celeste and her two super cute daughters that help her out...otherwise visit the Patisserie Ci website to order. And no, they're not bribing me with treats....I just really thought it was THAT good!

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