Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Nation, Under Blog, So help me God.

OK. I swear I am back on the blogging wagon again. Partially due to the fact that I think I am finally comitted to "doing something" with my life, partially due to Bridget's fantastic online art selling workshop last night. Did you go look at her photography website? Isn't she great? I think she's great. She also sells dog/kitty collars at . I personally think Lucy would look smashing in some Tiffany blue or Burberry print. (I know Ryan is rolling his eyes if he's reading this.)
So also, in accordance with the art selling workshop, I have....drumroll, please....bought my own domain! Yay 2010! I am the proud owner of Notice no link there. That's because it's going to direct you right back here. Oops. Just because I said it was 2010 doesn't mean I'm fully here. We're still working on that 2000 piece Last Supper puzzle on the coffee table. Old fashioned fun never goes out of style!

So yes. That's all the snazz and pizazz I have to offer for tonight. Until I go to my parents and steal air conditioning, because I think I may cyber window shop and make myself a virtual birthday wish list....TWO MORE WEEKS!

I said I was wearing a tiara to my birthday dinner.

Ryan said I'll be sitting alone.


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