Friday, April 24, 2009

Chuckwa show!

So it's absolutely official, Rsin and I will be entering the Chuckwa Skully show under the Team Awesome moniker. And it will be amazing, and you are all already jealous, even though you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Except for Rob Viktum...he was already jealous because of my Coraline Dunks. ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Artomatic 419!

Where you'll find me the next three Saturdays...I'm space C-32.

If you went......who were your favorite artists???

Caroline? No, CORaline.

So....remember that little "password" at the end of Coraline? "For those in the know, 'JERKWAD'??"

Well, guess who's a big jerkwad? ;)

ME!!! Yep. I was one of (I think 1000?) the winners of the insanely amazing Coraline them in the mail two days ago! Even better, they actually fit. I've had this paranoia that they wouldn't, and I would be forced to a) just sit and look at them or b) have to sell them on Ebay for an insane amount of money.

Looooooove them <3

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Isn't it super exciting when you find someone you can have intelligent conversation with, and it's not all highbrow intellectual, but at the same time you know you're not trying to be "cool," and you know they're not either? It makes me so happy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

First off, let's talk about things no one cares about, but we're going to bring up anyways.


Okay sorry. Had to get that out of there.

My boss has started insisting that I was born to do standup comedy, and that he can't believe that I have never tried it. I explained to him that it's not something I could think about, and formulate a routine's more that our patients provide me with an...ahem.."special" kind of inspiration. One that compels me to say things like "yeah, this is normal wear and tear if the kid was a triceratops" and "Amy, can you go watch the front? I need to go give myself a hysterectomy with a spoon." I don't see it as comedy....just well-filtered anger hahahaha.

I really want alfredo sauce for my chicken. And a new composition book to use as my guestbook because I don't want to use any of my "saleable" journal bases. However, I really don't feel like leaving the house because I can hardly stand up due to Awesome Cramps 2K9, April edition.

Pete and I are going to see Haunting in Connecticut tomorrow and I am Stoked. On. That.

Going to print pictures this week and get my scrapbook on! Woo!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The looking forward to list.

Things I can not wait to do in the very near future (aka once the Artomatic install is done)

*Easter church
*Painting my bedframe and having a real bed again, instead of sleeping on a matress and box spring on the floor.
*Finishing the studio
*Quilting my Chocolate Lollipop fabrics, and thusly being able to buy the entire Good Folks fabric collection, guilt free.
*Quilting Zoe's sock monkey quilt
*Painting Mia's shoes and hoodie.
*Actually having time to go to the gym again and tan again
*Being able to vacuum my living room floor because it will no longer be serving as a staging area for my artomatic wall
*SCRAPBOOKING. I know this severly reduces my cool factor, but honest to have no idea how badly I miss scrapbooking. It also doesn't help that in moving 50% of the art supplies from downstairs to upstairs, I realized that I have procured about 15 mini book blanks. Ooops.
*Binding my own journals (Because 15 mini books clearly isnt enough)
*Cleaning and organizing the closet room and figuring out a solution on storing my 60+ pairs of shoes. (I'm too scared and shameful to perform an accurate count hahaha)
*Pruning my bookcase and repurposing all getting-rid-of hardcovers into altered books (again. because 15 mini books and handmade journals CLEARLY isn't enough)
*Getting my freaking roots done
*Getting hundreds of photos printed at Costco
*Knitting without feeling like I should be painting

Well. That little moment of happy fun fantasy time was nice...but now I have to put hanging hardware on about 40 teeny pieces of art. Now I know why people paint huge canvases.