Friday, April 3, 2009

The looking forward to list.

Things I can not wait to do in the very near future (aka once the Artomatic install is done)

*Easter church
*Painting my bedframe and having a real bed again, instead of sleeping on a matress and box spring on the floor.
*Finishing the studio
*Quilting my Chocolate Lollipop fabrics, and thusly being able to buy the entire Good Folks fabric collection, guilt free.
*Quilting Zoe's sock monkey quilt
*Painting Mia's shoes and hoodie.
*Actually having time to go to the gym again and tan again
*Being able to vacuum my living room floor because it will no longer be serving as a staging area for my artomatic wall
*SCRAPBOOKING. I know this severly reduces my cool factor, but honest to have no idea how badly I miss scrapbooking. It also doesn't help that in moving 50% of the art supplies from downstairs to upstairs, I realized that I have procured about 15 mini book blanks. Ooops.
*Binding my own journals (Because 15 mini books clearly isnt enough)
*Cleaning and organizing the closet room and figuring out a solution on storing my 60+ pairs of shoes. (I'm too scared and shameful to perform an accurate count hahaha)
*Pruning my bookcase and repurposing all getting-rid-of hardcovers into altered books (again. because 15 mini books and handmade journals CLEARLY isn't enough)
*Getting my freaking roots done
*Getting hundreds of photos printed at Costco
*Knitting without feeling like I should be painting

Well. That little moment of happy fun fantasy time was nice...but now I have to put hanging hardware on about 40 teeny pieces of art. Now I know why people paint huge canvases.

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