Thursday, May 10, 2012


Oh hai. I'm not dead. I'm just the shittiest blogger on earth, as I'm pretty sure I've stated before. I'm only even blogging right now because I'm sitting in a Tim Horton's using their wi-fi waiting for Ryan to get off work.

Funny story. Once, Josh and I were in Royal Oak having a fun adventure before we went to the Pistons game....we were walking down the street and both looked at a sandwich board outside some random business advertising free wifi. For some reason, both of us read it as "free wiffy." Sorry, wi-fi was pretty new at the time I guess. Ok, so maybe the story was a lot funnier to us.

Things I have been up to in my incredibly lengthy absence from you lambs:

*Watching more accidents than necessary outside my office window. As my grandfather would say, "Probably texting!"
*Knitting, but not nearly as much, I actually gave myself a monster break and knitted myself two hats! I will take photos of them, because I know all three of you who read this totally care.
*Sleeping. Every second I get. I'm pretty sure I'm dying and no one finds this funny when I say it. I take this as a sign that they think I might be right.
*WATCHING DUCK DYNASTY. If you're not as in love with these men as I am, you may just want to find a new blog to read. This relationship isn't going to work out.
*Being as in love with drag queens as I ever have. I thought for like 5 minutes that Ryan worked with one and I got really excited, then we decided no. :(
*We got a wood swing for the back deck and it is greeeeeeat. After work swinging like what.
*I miss my baby cat Thea like nothing in the world. She is the smartest child in the universe. Not even a year and a half old and she knows her letters!!!! That baby love is my heart. I can't wait until she's big enough to draw something so I can get it tattooed on me. Or so she can just tell me what she wants me to get tattooed for her.
*Did I mention that I'm just overall dying to get tattooed? Following all these badass artists on Instagram is not helping.
*My Instagram is xerynx
 *I got a beautiful Wacom tablet for myself as a "you've worked a shitload of overtime" present and it hates me. We do not get along. They probably shoudl have screened me before allowing me to purchase seeing as I've never even used Photoshop....but I got some books out of the library so maybe we'll learn to like each other.
*Ryan has started me on another habit, comic books. Because he never wants me to get out of debt. Feral and Witch Doctor are my jam. Thanks to Free Comic Book Day I see Bad Medicine being another good one on my list. And that is your catch up for now, because the sun is going down behind me and my screen is full of dust stars. Love love love.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mini assistant

Cupcake likes to help when we visit Ryan's parents.

Come on out!!!

Tonight and tomorrow afternoon! Come see myself and many other excellent Toledo artists selling our goods on St Clair St in downtown Toledo! I will be at Sur St Clair along with Stephanie Elton, Michelle Albright, Danielle Herrera, and several other artists. Shop local this holiday season!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Last minutes

Aside from cleaning up my best friend's dog's pee, I've been doing a lot of last minute Crafts Gone Wild stuff. Don't worry, not at the same time.

You can ignore the messy couch, thanks.


Who's the feature today over at Crafts Gone Wild? This lady! Go check me out!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Knee deep.

Worst blogger ever.

Can we just say I'm up to my ears in half finished pelts, three bags of stuffing, 14 packages of safety eyes, and a bag of chocolate cinnamon m-n-ms, frantically trying to pull my shit together before Crafts Gone Wild next Saturday?

And yes, I did say chocolate cinnamon. I got them at Target today and they're fairly amazing.

We're watching the Lions lose and it's more than likely my cat's fault. Any time he's over here visiting from my parents, they totally tank. Therefore Lions fans, I apologize.

Has anyone else checked out the kids Harajuki Mini clothes at Target?? DYING!!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All hands on deck.

Gotta love how everyone helps out around here, aka Loki being adament about sleeping in my knitting needle bag at every opportunity.