Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Going on my etsy soon...probably New Years Day, assuming I get home sometime before 11am and stay awake? I have to get this stuff put in my store, a) because I don't have room in my house for myself, much less 12 etsy things yet to be posted and b) I need money for Phenomenal Tattoo 2009.

I have to paint my nail tonight, because I'm going to have precisely one hour to get ready between day job and working the Grand Buffet show. Does this outfit sound like a poor idea?
Green short strapless bubble skirt party dress with huge bow
Black/grey/pink argyle cardigan (I'm working the door, so I need *something*. It's the cardigan or a short ripped up jean jacket.
Red/pink/purple/gold patent leather and suede wedges.

It's going to be quite fancy.
Oh blog. Blog blog blog.

I came here because LJ is a little too private. Like...I want to be able to post shit I'm knitting, and stuff like that....But I don't want people reading back through 7 years of my LJ and being like "Fuck.....why didn't anyone ever commit that child?"

Not that I think this is going to be earth-shattering interesting. Unfortunately, I doubt most of you care to be subjected to a mess of pink, yarn, vinyl toys, high heels, paint, fall out boy, makeup, tattoos, poor judgment, and many nights at the bar.

But you will be. :)