Monday, March 23, 2009


So it's no secret that I am SO OVER this extended winter we've been so "blessed" with. Also no secret that I love Ugg boots and have no problem shelling out $140 for winter boots in the middle of august, because they're just so cute.

With that said, I just pulled on my mauve crocheted Uggs and got a little sad, because I realized my days of being able to wear them will eventually end in the near future. These are my favorite Uggs, aside from my moccassins. I think it's because I've always had a love of how dancers wear those really slouchy legwarmers...and since I am, ahem, not exactly the dancer type in the body department, these still give me the lovely slouchiness in boot form. I also don't end up looking like I'm suffering from delusions of being tall and graceful and lithe.

This past weekend I worked till three on Saturday, and then had Sunday and Monday off and raged like I was unemployed and never had to wake up early again. It was awesome and honestly, I think it brought back a little of the flicker my soul was missing. I stayed out till 6am Sunday and it felt like old times, which I took completely for granted and never realized were numbered.

Two important lessons learned this week:

*I'd rather go through my days super tired but knowing how happy I was the night before than spend my days hating my life because I was too concerned about being "grown up" and going to bed by ten pm. I've spent too long refusing to make memories in the name of being "responsible."

*No matter how much you want something...when the opportunity is placed in front of you, you shouldn't always take it. Some things are better off not knowing.

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