Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brokedown Blogspot

So this should be a pretty awesome and ghetto fabulous update. My card reader has decided that this whole "card reading" nonsense is really not it's calling in life and therefore, has just stopped working. So in lieu of crisp, lovely, well lit digital slr get my camera phone. Yay go team!

Artomatic painting. Not finished

Something on the side that I'm working on. Nothing is glued down yet, I'm still trying to decide if I'm into it.

I've added a lot of graphite detail since I took this. I kinda love this one.

Mini Munny Booty!

FINALLY all done! Hooray!

Hat I've been working on for ages...I just can't bring myself to knit when there's Artomatic to be worked on.

Wall in my house.

Silly little painting I finished last week.

Ghosty painting

Ha. I wear a super old Mushroomhead hoodie when I paint. It's so comfortable!

Mmmmm paint spinner that I waited so long for!

Conversation with my mother today:
"Did you hear who's performing on Idol tonight?"
"Kelly Clarkson?"
"Yeah, and...Keena. No, The guy who's always mad at the Grammys."
"Yes, him!"

Oh mom. Only her.

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