Friday, August 13, 2010

People buy this?

By some oddity, there wasn't any Law and Order taping on my DVR this morning. (I know, the horror!!) So I turned on VH1 Jump Start which I haven't watched in ages. Why did I automatically turn to the yuppie channel? Well, the "music television" station was showing Teen Mom. Cause that's relevant to my music interests. Duh.

So anyways. WHO IS BUYING THIS SHIT??? Where are you people?? Who is buying these CDs and somehow making the music industry think its ok to continue producing some of this trash? B.O.B? He's ok. Lady Antebellum? She's alright. The rest of the I'm not even going to look at whats in the top 20 of iTunes right now because I'm pretty sure I just wouldn't leave the house for the rest of the day.

In prettier and so much more substance related news (ha!) is anyone else SO happy that little busybody Gretchen didn't win last night on Proj Runway? She's such a nosy nose!

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