Monday, August 16, 2010

Fancy Nail, how may I help you?

This is what I do when Ryan and I have educational weekends and watch documentaries. This took the better part of Michael Moore's "Sicko" which I highly recommend, although I caution will really make you take a good hard look at health care, other countries' health care, and if you work in any sort of industry that deals with health care (like I do) it's going to make you really angry and upset. You've been warned. It was fantastic though. Everyone should watch that, and "Food, Inc." case you didn't know, I have more than a little "problem" with nail polish...which wasn't helped when I found out how cheap nail art supplies are on Ebay from Hong Kong! 500 nail tips shipped for like $3!!! How could I pass up such a deal! So poor Ryan gets to be anxious watching me shave away tiny pieces of acrylic with a dremel then I preen around with my fancy nails. I had two separate people at the mall ask me if they were Minx, and that right there was worth the two hours work I put into them. Plus its calming, handpainting teeny things. They're a lot more obnoxiously neon in'll have to excuse Mongolian BBQ's quality lighting along with my Blackberry's white balance. Nothing but top quality professional photography here people!

I'm going to go dye my hair now. And by "dye my hair" I mean "hopefully not end up a leopard spotted mess like the last time I listened to those dumb hos, I mean *professionals* at Sally's instead of following my gut."

I should be fine. I did follow my gut. There will be none of this color remover nonsense this evening, and only ten volume developer. Its like if my hair was going to a party everyone else would be shooting Jameson and my poor jacked up hair is sitting in the corner sipping a Zima. Pussy. :(

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