Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here comes the not-naked bride.

So everyone knows Ryan and I are eventually getting married. While I don't have the "real" ring (I wear a $3 creep-repellent from the JC Penney that was originally purchased to wear while I work at the bar and has become part of my everyday wardrobe) its common knowledge that we're getting married at some point so I'm always on the lookout for brooches for my bouquet, good ideas for the reception, etc.

And always experiencing dress anxiety.

My mother and I watch Say Yes to the Dress every week. While I love the dresses a lot of the girls choose, I love them for *them.* Not for me. None of these dresses are for ME. And it's Kleinfeld people. Home of the eight million dresses...and not a single one I've seen on the show tickles my fancy. I see none of the Internet that do it for me. None in the many Brides magazines I check out from the library. Do you understand the panic this strikes in me for when I really do have a strong deadline and its you-need-a-dress-no-one-is-going-to-be-ok-with-you-wearing-leggings-to-your-wedding-dammit-Eryn?

Trust me, I already tried to tell Ryan this. Apparently our wedding has a no leggings allowed dress code. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would need to have my dress custom made, which I was ok with, but then that left the issue of me having to design the dress.

FINALLY last weekend the gates of heaven opened....we were walking to Old Bag in Worthington and I saw a faaaaaaabulous dress in the window of La Jeune Mariee. After 5 emails back and forth I nailed down the designer of the dress....searched online...and wonder of wonders, I LOVE ALL HER STUFF. AND IT DOES NOT COST A DOWN PAYMENT ON A HOUSE.

Melissa Sweet, I love you. And the second I get an engagement ring that costs more than three dollars, we are making the trip to Cincy to try on every single one of your fabulous dresses!!!

And we're going to pretend that upon seeing aforementioned dresses, that my mother didn't say "you better start losing some weight if you think you're going to fit into those." :o

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