Friday, December 24, 2010

Visions of knitting patterns. Not presents.

Oh man.  I hate to be a total non holiday bum out, but I just straight up got so stressed about Artomatic that I'm actually nauseous.  Seriously.  Under four months.  Even though I know I'm under zero obligation to sell from my booth, it really is my goal...and it's really my goal to kill it and make some money.  Even worse, I think my main focus is knitwear...and for those not in the know, you don't just wiggle your ass and have a scarf appear.  I mean, maybe some do, but I think that's a whole other show going on.

Oy.  I'm just going to go bowl on my DS because I can't knit anymore tonight.  I was taking a break and doing non-retail knitting anyways, teeny eeny knitting for my darling little Thea!!!!  More about her in a special post of her own! <3

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