Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moon cakes...it's about a cake...that lives on the moon.

Has anyone else ever had these? They're called something along the line of moon cakes. My thai cousin got them for us...they're very expensive and a very big deal. My gramoo saved them until Thanksgiving for everyone to try. Per usual, along with every other asian treat like mochi, etc, I was the only one in the family who really liked them. They're squishy, yet not, on the outside and have different fillings-strawberry was the crowd favorite. (amongst the 4 people who would even try them!)

Here we go! I got curious and wiki'd halfway thru. I would say in this photo is what they're describing as the "jelly" mooncake, but our box also had the traditional ones with the crust. I haven't tried those yet. Now I'm a little freaked out to after reading this article. Salted egg yolks? Chicken floss? Where exactly on a chicken would one find the *floss*?

Get schooled, read about my american family's azn dessert. :) Mooncakes on Wikipedia

Also, if your asian cousin ever gives you "snack mix".....read the ingredients. There could be rogue wasabi peas hiding in some sort of coating in there and you will not know until it. is. too. late!

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