Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Artomatic 419 2011 Space Sneak Peeks!

Low content, high image. Here's my sneak peeks of the Artomatic 419 space for 2011. There's 3 floors but all of my photos are of the third because honestly, I don't like the other two and I'm only concerned about the third, and God willing they'll do picks like the previous years and they'll be based on the order that you signed up in...which in that case I'll be guaranteed third floor. So blah blah blah, these are more for Rob's benefit so he can see what the spot looks like. Isn't it fun tho? Ryan and I totally want to fix this floor up and live there! I love the windows.

Not pictured: Giant boat hanging from the ceiling. Yeah, you heard me. We didn't understand it either....especially because those are some narrow ass staircases. Its some loooooong skinny kayak canoe type thing.

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