Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fiber Fest

Things I shouldn't do while trying to catch up on blogging:
1) Make potato pancakes
2) Not pay attention and almost set the house on fire

Are these two related? I'd prefer not to comment, thanks.

So look at those two little alpaca sweeties up there!!! Ryan and I went to the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo on October 23 aka BEST DAY EVER, despite me being jacked up on drugs from having my wisdom teeth pulled the Tuesday before. I was a trooper and still managed to stuff my face with Macaroni Grill. 4 Days of Frosties and rice had worn me down.

Back to the Fiber Expo...or as Ryan was adament on refering to it as "FiberFest."...in the days leading up to it, we fielded a lot of inquiries...because when you mention you're going to a Fiber Expo....well...it doesn't conjure up the best images. I had a lot of people concerned about my regularity, and wondering if I was going to come home with a ton of cereal samples, and knowledge of the newest supplements on the market. Yarn, people. Fiber yarn!

We trucked to the Washtenaw County Fairgrounds after what I consider to be a fair trade of me going to see Jackass 3D. Ryan does not consider this a fair trade. In my defense I completely offered him free reign to go to the gun show taking place next door and he declined. We saw booth after booth....after booth...after booth....of roving and yarn and fleece, oh my! 3 buildings of it to be exact. I really have to give the show organizers credit. When they publicized "over 200 vendors" they really meant it. I would have liked to see more real animals, but thats just because I like to poke real animals :) There were alpaca, sheep, and angora bunnies all represented, and angora bunnies make me die inside because they ARE SO FLUFFYYYYYY.

All of the vendors were super friendly, and the product was really well priced. I picked up a variety of roving from a few different booths, a drop spindle, and some adorable teeny wood buttons in the shape of Michigan and Ohio that I couldn't pass up.

If you missed it this year and get the opportunity to go next year I wouldn't pass it up...for three dollars admission its definately worth it. However-mind the name-FIBER Expo. If you're going looking for yarn or finished products there *are* vendors selling yarn....but by and large, the vast majority of the show was roving, batts, and fleeces. If you are going solely for your, I'd still go for the eye candy, but you are not going to come away with a giant shopping bag of stuff.

And we'll ignore the story about how we got lost in the scenic Michigan countryside for 45 minutes afterwards and how Blackberry Maps WILL direct you down pseudo-existant dirt roads. :)

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