Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are one of you pesky monkeys forwarding my blog posts around? I only ask because Mr. 28 Missed Calls called me again last nite. Only once this time mind you, and I was sleeping, and no voicemail was left. How utterly bizarro.

My living room has turned into the creation station...Since I live alone and have virtually no local friends to come over and hang out, I felt obliged to shove the furniture against the wall and dropcloth the floor. Many reasons:
*Heat downstairs. No heat upstairs. This is fine when I nest myself into a sheet, comforter, blanket, and quilt at night...unfortunately, this is not an ideal arrangement for painting and whatnot.
*No water source upstairs. I'll admit it, I'm lazy when I have to change paint water every 20 minutes.
*There's cable, but not full cable upstairs....Also no DVR upstairs. And the DVD player is effed. Since there's no DVR, I can't catch up on Law and Order while I paint.
*With the dropcloth, I have now created infinite drying surfaces! When I need to switch to something else, I just sit it down next to me!

Saturday is space choosing day for Artomatic. I will take pictures and show you my little baby space that I got! Cross your fingers that I get one of my top choices!

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