Thursday, January 8, 2009

So I thought it was 8:30...and it's 7:30! I have loads of time before Matty and Jutin get here, so I technically could do much more cleaning and make the house look presentable....but like I told Matty.'d just be me hiding stuff, because there's shit all over the house while I'm sorting/trashing/organizing the art room/getting rid of more stuff. And really, they're going to be here just tonight, we get up tomorrow and go to Ann Arbor, then when we get back they're leaving. I'm not spazzing myself out cleaning for them to see it for a total of like....three hours. Plus, Matty already knows I'm a mess.

Things that are rad:
It's a pay week.
CAT SHOW WEEKEND!!! I am going to love on so so many munchkin kittens.
Red heart shaped sunglasses tomorrow. And bubble tea.

Not rad things:
I love the product they put in my hair at the the *effect* of it...but it totally creeps me out when I touch my hair.
My eye is acting up. It's not ulcered, but it did stain the other day when Jerry looked at it at work. :(
Matty's mittens are turning out atrocious and like....giant sized. I DO NOT KNOW WHY.

Picture post tomorrow or Saturday of all the Ann Arbor fun-ness!

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