Monday, April 18, 2011

A smashing success.

Artomatic is all done for the year! Its always a little bittersweet, you feel like you're leaving summer camp or something because you meet all these new people and then (at least in my socially awkward case) you have no idea when you'll see them again! I did AMAZING though, so much better than I ever could have anticipated. I adopted out 31 monsters!!! I definitely would not have done as well had I not had Ryan and my mumma to help me build/watch the booth.
You think I'd be all knitted out, at least for awhile, but I've already cast on a new project for a Ravelry swap and I have one more little thing to make for my best friend before I can take a break...but I really can't ever take a break because then it's time to work on stuff for S Type Creative and Red White and Kaboom!

Oh well. There are far worst things in life than nonstop artsing and crafting :)

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