Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bye bye monster!

Another baby finds a home!! This went to a darling little girl who contacted me after Artomatic was over for a bday present for her boyfriend. She picked it up today and had the cutest hairstyle and adorable outfit!! I was at my parents so of course Lucy had to march her furry little butt in and be sociable. I was happy to see him go to a good home, my mom was bummed because it was her favorite and she thought she was going to steal it! Funny thing is, this yarn was such a fluke. It was HIDEOUS in the skein, but I had a feeling it might turn out alright once knitted up. It's referred to in the house as "clown puke yarn." It really has a lot going on.

I'm on a yarn diet, aside from two balls I have to buy for a project for my best friend. I was tidying up a bit today and filled up an entire big Rubbermaid with all the yarn that wouldn't fit in my actual yarn organizer. I'm not even going to count how many balls I have because that just sounds scary.

Oh, did I mention I was hand dying yarn today...and after I de-smurfed myself from the blue dye leaking out of the jar....later I was trying to rearrange the very complicated system I had going on, and spilled an ENTIRE bowl of purple dye all over the kitchen floor?!?!?! I'm not even going to get into how it happened, but it actually could have been way worse than it was. Nothing got stained, my ETID hoodie went unscathed, and there was the teeniest bit of dye left in the bowl that I can still finish the yarn...which I think might turn out ugly anyways. Still, not the way I wanted to spend a day off, mopping up purple dye water.

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