Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Refer to the sketch

Re: post title-Otherwise known as "A comedy of errors."

So this is how Artomatic 419 prep Day 1 went.

Load car-ladder, paint, roll of paper, tarp, screwdriver, chalk, paintbrushes, etc.  We are ready to GO!

Get to space, drag very heavy things up three very long flights of steps.  Realize we can not possibly listen to any more "sexy sax man" jazz coming from the other side of the building and load up Pandora on my blackberry.  Commence listening to "Pussy Money Weed."  Upgrade?  Not really.  Ryan at some point takes over the station and turns on High on Fire.  Luckily we had no one else working on our side of the floor, I doubt they would have been pleased with either selection.

Manage to tape off the space without divorce resulting.  Get geared up to paint....only to realize MY MOTHER (ahem) had not tamped the can lids down firmly and one of the gallons had dumped over in the plastic tub.  Not a lot, but still enough to get all over the plastic bags and box of chalk, etc.  Throw on one coat of paint, mercifully it covers!  (We were prepared to paint...and paint...and paint...to cover that sacred heart.  Have you ever tried to repaint a red room?  Yeah, now you see why I was so nervous.  We probably could have even got away with just one coat.)

Drama.  Oh the painting drama.  I wish I could have recorded all the horrification that ensued over us painting over that mural you see above.  Mind you, the painting is totally 'legal.'  You're allowed to paint over whatever was in the space.  I had this exact coversation.

Older couple sees us taping off the wall:  You're going to paint over that?!
Me: Mmhmm.
OC: Really?!?!?!?!? *dissapointed faces*
Me: Yep.  In about 5 minutes actually.
OC:  There's no way you can work with it?????
Me: No. No.

Seriously.  What about a sacred heart, cherries, and dice says "Yay!!!  Cartoony land of monsters!!!!!"?  That's right, nothing.  Gleeful painting followed.

Take a break to let the first coat dry, try to walk to Jed's, Jed's is closed, we go to Frickers.  I go to the bathroom to wash the paint off my hands...and get stared down by every table.  Perhaps it was my Tupac-style bandanna I was wearing to keep the paint out of my hair and my Bayside CULT hoodie?  I don't know.

Go back to the space, paint, realize we need to leave the tarp there to dry because there is paint everrrrrrrywhere.  Have the weirdest most awkward encounter with our space neighbor that we're still talking about ("How do you think BILL is going to feel about this?", manage to carry a ladder down three flights of stairs without injury, pack up the car, and leave.

Throughout this whole day, every day Ryan asks a question,  I inform him to "refer to the sketch!" which is a a folded up piece of notebook paper I've been carrying around that I drew up in 30 seconds to try to explain what the hell I mean when everyone asks me "You're knitting monsters?  I don't understand."  My lovely carpenter/painter threatens to walk out if I bring up the sketch one more time.

We get home, unpack everything.  So far so good, right?  

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