Sunday, March 27, 2011

Half a sigh of relief.

I have the best boyfriend in the world. He's put up with the past week of me freaking out, second guessing everything I'm doing for Artomatic, and basically being a tiny tyrant-aka "MORE TO THE LEFT!!!!!" Without him, my display would have been a halfassed table and not the awesome tree we built. I'm so excited for next Saturday now! He's been my biggest cheerleader and put up with 3 months of "No we can't go out, I have to knit." So excited for our year and a half anniversary next month-we have a big date of Olive Garden and going to see Arthur planned.

Today was the best day ever. Woke up, laid on the futon together and watched Napoleon Dynamite, (even thought everyone knows Gentlemen Broncos is FAR superior. Then again, people obviously DON'T know, since that movie went nowhere.) Got up and showered, got our stuff together, and finished the installation with zero mishaps. To celebrate our accident and divorce free weekend, we ordered a ridiculously huge amount of White Castle (I didn't even know it was possible to spend $18 there,) came home and watched The True Story of Wrestlemania which I have been dyyyyyyyying to get. So far only the first of three discs is on Netflix, but it was SO GOOD. I know I'm probably totally losing people here with my utter nerdiness, but sorry. I love WWE wrestling. Ryan and I call it our stories :P After that was done we started watching another documentary about the 50 greatest WWE stars of all time.

I should really do a post about Netflix recommendations. I watch some pretty oddball stuff.

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