Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Motley Crue

So after the first part of the day went well enough, we actually had to build the display.  I go to get the now infamous sketch out of my bag....and dig...and realize it must be wrapped up in the paint filled tarp we left downtown.  You know, just the one piece of paper that has all the measurements we need on it.  Excellent.  We go over to my parents so I can take my dad's truck.  The trailer is still attached to the truck, so Ryan and my mother assure me that the back of the Hummer is big enough to bring home the wood.  I am skeptical-just putting that one on the record.  So we go to Menards....wood comes in 4' or 8'  Four is too small, the Hummer probably tops out at six feet wide.  Menards only cuts 2x4s, not actual wood.  Do we see an issue here?  Ryan suggests tying it down to the top of the car.  I suggest me having a resulting anxiety attack.  We go home and un-trailer the truck (aka Ryan takes the trailer off, I stand there and hold a wheel) all while in cold yucky rain.  Go back to Menards, get the wood, get in line...and realize we forgot the Astroturf.  Finally get out of Menards.  I freak out the entire way home because its a short bed truck and two feet of wood are hanging out the back and "wiggling" and I'm convinced its going to blow away/snap in half.  Once we pull in the driveway I realize Ryan was right and we should have left the tailgate down.  Oops.
We cut, and cut, and cut, and cut.  No one loses a finger.  Considering a hand jigsaw was involved, I consider this a big win.  Not #winning.  Why not?  Because I'm over people thinking severe mental illness/psychotic breaks are funny and publicity worth.
In the midst of this, I devise an all new project.  Poor Ryan.
I use lots of spraypaint.  Despite the bandanna over my face I'm still blowing out green snot two days later.  Healthy!
You would think this all sounds like its going well enough, at least post-wood buying.  Except for when I look at the display and say to Ryan, "There's no way this is going to stand on its own." He says, "I've. been. trying. to. tell. you. that. all. day."  Me: "Well.  You know that sometimes you just need to be firm with me!"  We think we have it figured out...we think.

So the current result is....I'm still way behind.  I still need to make the shelves and we have to figure out how they're getting attached/how this whole thing is getting stuck to the wall.  I still need to cut things out of styrofoam and paint things.  All those monsters in the above photo still need mouths.  I have a whole herd of monsters that still need stuck together/random limbs knitted.  All by April 2.  Aaagh!

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