Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day so lame.

Soooooo a week ago, I had very fabulous plans for this evening. Joshy and I were going to get dressed up and go to Omni or Avalon, and it was going to be retarded and stupid, but still very fun.

Then I found out I had to work at the bar. BOO. I make Broc PROMISEPROMISEPROMISE me that the show will not cancel, since I'm canceling superawesome plans because I really need the money. He promises.

So fast forward to today. I find out at stupid 4:30 that oh, the show canceled. Hate ensues. I text Josh, knowing that there's no way he has an unplanned Saturday night, which of course was true. No hate for him tho, because he had really good plans.

So yeah. Lamezor Valentines Day, per usual. Making an art supply run for some airbrush paint and stuff, and getting a Happy Meal so I can get a Hello Kitty watch! Going to stay up all night and paint some DIYs and stuff for Artomatic. (or at least hopefully get a couple things done before I pass out!)

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