Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At least I can make a shank out of Jolly Ranchers

Seriously, if anyone saw my Netflix queue, I would probably be institutionalized.  Or at least have my mental state questioned.  Here's the genres that I watch:

Prison shows.  A lot lot LOT of prison shows.  Lockup, Lockdown, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.  I have no idea when I became so obsessed with prison shows.  I also have ones queued up about Gitmo, being in solitary, etc etc.  Along with watching entirely too much Law and Order and now feeling that I can catch any perp, I am clearly now supremely qualified to be a corrections officer...which I actually really want to be, but Ryan is categorically opposed to.  BIG TIME.

Fame (not the movie, for all you people to young to remember...in the early 80s, there really was an actually television show for it.  AND I LOVE IT.  Coco, Martelli, Lydie....love them all!!!!) 

A large mess of terrible reality shows.  TERRIBLE. 
Ruby -I know, I have no idea why I love her.  Maybe because even though she's up against so much she's always so "hacky."
Toddlers and Tiaras-I just like to scream at the TV about how effed up these parents are and how their three year olds look like they're 40
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making the Team-I love cheerleading stuff.  I'll even watch those competitions on ESPN

Religious/Paranormal/Spiritual programming-I love Vatican, Judaica (thats my new big one), anything dealing with Santeria, posession, faith based miracles, etc

Transgender/Gay/Drag Queen documentaries (I LOVE documentaries in general-thats 85% of my queue, but somehow I managed to add like five transgender documentaries last week haha)

Mentally disabled/autism documentaries ESPECIALLY if they deal with mental instituations from the 50s-80s.  I know, I have problems. 

Oh yeah.  Somewhere in there I watch normal stuff like oh, MOVIES.  I did watch White Oleander last week.  I thought it absolutely sucked compared to the book.  They took a beautiful meaty book thats like a 3" paperback and shrank it to a weak watered down movie.  Skip the movie, read the book.

And stay out of my netflix queue.  It'll warp your mind. ;)

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